Make Seven Figures In 2021 With RVP

By Nate Fancher
December 12, 2020

Your Target: $83,333 Per Month

Your target needs to be a seven figure year.

Even if you’re just starting your business, there is no reason why a year from today you can’t be bringing in over $80k in a single month.

Each level of income requires different levels of strategy, mindset, and sacrifice – and in this post I want to lay out exactly what you should be doing, depending on the level where you’re currently playing.

But first…

Our Mission at Tellus

Tellus Media has a very simple mission: To help overworked and underpaid entrepreneurs who have a passion for health and wellness by developing, packaging, and selling a high-ticket signature program – over and over again.

The proof is in the proverbial pudding.

Our clients are seeing results when they follow our simple RVP Method for gaining clarity and generating “cash on hand” in their business.

How do we do this?

  • We help you create a product that you can charge top dollar for
  • We help you package, sell, and deliver your product to the world with a Tellus Engagement Funnel

Take fitness coach Kyle in Texas…

After using our unique model for finding a “dream client”, he was able to get crystal clear on the exact result he was delivering for them.

Now he has the confidence to charge what he’s actually worth.

Using the marketing/sales system that we helped him develop, he can now scale his business and generate leads and customers on autopilot.

But to get there he needed two things first.

  1. He needed to unlock his “value net” located in his mind.
  2. He needed to cast his “value net” into the right part of the water.

That’s what “RVP” is all about.

Learn how you too can use “RVP” for your business to reduce stress levels and raise your overall quality of life here.

Let’s continue…

My Own Pain Points

I remember in my own business how stressed I was at the 4k a month mark.

I had some recurring clients paying me, along with some other one off jobs – but like so many other client-based startups, I was running around like a chicken with no head.

What made it worse was how little revenue I was making.

The pain was real.

Always grinding and being preoccupied with building my business, constantly in a state of overwhelm – I wasn’t running my business. My business was running me.

The specifics of my story may resonate with you.

When I finally fixed this issue, I began working with my dream clients, putting in less hours, and making more income.

If I can do this you can do it…

But how do you get there?

Milestone 1: $10k Per Month

If you’re currently bringing in between $6,000 and $10,000 per month as a client business, but you need more than 5 clients to get there, you have a bad business model.

Let me explain…

Here at Tellus we work with coaches, consultants, trainers, practitioners, etc.

People in this field have a passion to help their clients achieve a particular result.

These results often require focused attention and a proven model to follow.

But blinded by their own good natured desire to help people, practitioners in this world usually charge way too little.

They often forget that someone who is in a state of pain will pay large amounts of money to get their problem fixed!

And after a certain number of clients they’re at capacity, painfully overworked and woefully underpaid. It’s only a matter of time before they reach burn out.

But before that happens the quality of their work goes down because they are spread too thin, and their services unfortunately end up mirroring their low pricing.

So the first goal needs to be to charge what you’re actually worth…

How is this done?

You simply need a signature program that you can charge at least $2,000 a pop for.

But people struggle with charging high amounts. How do you do it?

You need two things:

  1. Confidence (Using RVP)
  2. And a marketing/sales message that works (Using RVP)

Do you have a laptop with internet? A phone?

Just add a well crafted and finely tuned marketing message and you’re ready. At this point you don’t even need a website.

But let’s say after applying our RVP Method you determine your program should sell for more. Let’s just assume you charge $4,700.

All you would need is two clients to replace your current level of income!

Stress decreased. Income increased.

Milestone 2: $20k – $50k Per Month

If you’re seeing consistency at the first milestone with a proven high-ticket program, then there’s no reason you can’t get to the 50k/mo mark, usually without changing much at all.

The sales message works. At this level you only change one thing:

You simply add a mechanism that allows you to have more conversations with people.

A simple game of economics.

Doing this with a marketing system for generating more leads, and getting those leads into more booked sales conversations helps you scale FAST.

This is what we in the internet marketing world call a marketing funnel – or a sales funnel.

Pour more leads in the top of the funnel, and get more sales at the bottom.

You may need to adjust some things in your schedule to accommodate for more conversations, but if you’re consistently getting in front of the right people at scale, you’ll see a major boost in your income.

At Tellus we have our own version of this. We call it a “Tellus Engagement Funnel”.

This is basically a supercharged website that supports your entire marketing and sales system, and also delivers your program to your clients in a private members area.

Follow this link to see a few examples of some we’ve recently developed.

Milestone 3: $50k – $100k Per Month

If we continue scaling on the $4,700 per sale number, all you need is 18 new clients a month.

And now we’ve reached at our revenue target.

In milestone 2 you have the ability to generate an infinite number of conversations with a marketing funnel, but the pressure will be felt on your internal operation.

Your time is limited.

To continue operating at this level you need to hire some help and build the right team.

In the business model we teach, we recommend looking for an assistant when you hit the $50k/mo mark.

This will allow you to focus more on creating new content and having more sales conversations full time – admin operations that would normally bog you down can now be outsourced.

Tasks like email and client support alone can begin to get burdensome when you have more than 10 new clients a month – let alone other forms of admin.

At this level you’re making the necessary sacrifices to become a better leader and manager of people.

You’re being stretched and challenged; going from founder to team leader and eventually to CEO.

Many people have the dream of a six or seven figure a year business, but they lack a foundational understanding of value and the skills sell.

This is all you need to hit your goals.

The right product, and a powerful marketing/sales message that works, is all you need to get started.

Our “RVP Method” is your first step!

Learn more about “RVP” below…

Growing with you,

Reticular Value Positioning

Your value matters! Watch this free training on the importance of discovering what you’re worth and getting in front of the people who will pull out their wallets and buy what you have to offer.

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