How To Use Our RVP Method To Get Business Clarity and Positive Cash Flow In The Next 14 Days

By Nate Fancher
December 10, 2020
RVP Method

The Power Of You

Locked within your mind is a powerful marketing message that could make you millions in profits, create wealth for future generations, and leave a lasting dent in the universe.

If you are reading this, it means you got into your current business (or the one you’re about to start) in order to change someone’s life.

If that’s not you, then I’ve failed to do my own targeting correctly.

Or maybe I have done my targeting right and you have yet to discover this about yourself.

As you’ll soon learn by the end of this post, you can’t effectively run a client based business without clarity and cash on hand.

Buckle up…

Your Reticular Activating System

Pardon some quick science:

At the base of your brain stem is a beautifully organized set of nerves that forms a system or “net” that helps you process information.

This neuro-net is called the Reticular Activating System (RAS).

Your RAS is responsible for several things, including behavioral arousal, sleeping and waking transitions, bringing forth motivation, and a lot more.

But I love how Tobias van Schneiderr put it in an article he wrote on the subject….

Your RAS takes what you focus on and creates a filter for it. It then sifts through the data and presents only the pieces that are important to you.

Tobias van Schneider (posted here)

What’s this have to do with marketing your business?


Your current business model is a reflection of your RAS.

We constantly need an upgrade in how we THINK about things – starting with our value in the world.

What Is Reticular Value?

Here’s a short definition…

Reticular Value is your unique expertise, packaged and compellingly articulated with a strong marketing strategy.

I use fishing as an illustration a lot when talking about our RVP Method

Fishing is amazing. Here’s a rich history of it.

The most common form of fishing in modern times has always been bait fishing. It’s what we would normally think of.

I learned fishing first with my grandad. Good ‘ole casting a line with some bait and slowly reeling it in.

But if fishing is your livelihood, you need to catch a LOT of fish. And the most effective way to do that is with a net.

Why not using something to catch several fish at once?

Let’s tie this to marketing…

In order to grow your brand effectively you only need to be really good at two things: Capturing and converting people into your business.

Branding consultants and other Madison Avenue advertising models can get so lost in the weeds with all their marketing guru talk that they forget one basic fact…

A business is only a business if it continually generates leads and customers at a profit.


But you need the right “net” in order to do this.

Business consultants will harp on you having an “elevator pitch” and having a strong “USP” (all of which I think are important).

But too often people jump straight to writing a businessy soundbite without doing the deep work required to get there first.

Once you unlock your Reticular Value, your marketing strategy becomes a strong net that you can go fishing for clients with.

If you do this correctly, you’ll have an amazing asset on your hands, catching fish every time you go out to drop your nets.

Yes, having a clear brand guideline can be helpful. But only if it starts with Reticular Value.

Don’t start designing a logo or picking brand colors before doing the deep work required for you to discover what makes you more valuable than the next guy or gal.

Let me give you some examples of how you need to think.

Questions like these should not only get you excited, but they should be the key drivers of your entire business model…

  • What is your offer?
  • Are you charging the right price?

But this is only the half of it…

The most important part hasn’t been introduced yet.

When I was able to answer the following question, with excitement, it gave me a reason to go to work every day.

WHO are you fishing for?

Reticular Value Positioning

You can’t really do deep work on understanding your value without answering the WHO.

We can’t define value appropriately until we have a “dream client” who is a perfect fit for our product or service.

Again, the gurus will talk about demographics and avatars…. but you must go deeper.

You may have heard it said that “something is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it.”

This unhelpful phrase is usually thrown around by people who give sympathy for buyers, and caution for sellers. There is no such thing as value if you can’t strongly argue a case for it.

The way to do this is by positioning your offer in the right context. Want to hear some of the best news I ever received?

Being good at selling does not mean having the ability to smooth talk and persuade someone!

Take a big sigh of relief!

You don’t have to try and sell ice to Eskimos anymore.

Your job is to sell a rope to a rock climber who regretted his decision to “free climb” after it was too late. That rope is worth the climbers life and is an incredibly easy sale.

Don’t misunderstand…

…I am not advocating for price gouging.

I firmly believe in “fair market value”, and with some help using our RVP Method you’ll be off to the races with confidence when you ask for people to pull out their wallets and pony up.

Results From RVP In As Little As Two Weeks

Getting clarity on the WHAT and the WHO was a game changer in our own business here at Tellus Media.

I love helping entrepreneurs like yourself work through the same process that I walked through.

We work with clients closely to go through a powerful process that wipes out confusion and brings a massive amount of clarity.

In our RVP Method we have a simple exercise for tapping into the power of your brain (your reticular activating system).

Our first goal is to help you rewire the way you THINK about your value.

We help you shed insecurity, and bolster up your confidence so that you can demand the price you deserve.

But the heart of our method gives you a proven path for discovering two very important things in your business:

What is your true expertise (not to be confused with experience) that gets someone a desired result?

What is a fair price that you can charge in order to deliver that result?

After doing this you’ll learn why it’s so important to charge at least $2,000 for what you have to offer.

Because a high-ticket program brings in positive cash flow, and quality clients.

In as little as two weeks we’ve seen practitioners completely turn their business around from applying these methods.

This is so incredibly satisfying…

…which leads me to one last thing about Reticular Value.

Business owners who often struggle with how to get new clients, will say things like…

“I hate selling… I can’t stand marketing….”


But when you do RVP you become not only bold, but obsessed about helping people get a desired result.

Conversations with new prospects and existing clients become fun.

Closing people in your sales system becomes fulfilling, since you know they’re about to experience life change.

This builds an extraordinary amount of confidence, but also makes you at ease with people.

After-all, you’ll no longer feel like you’re selling ice to an Eskimo.

Check out more details on RVP below!

Growing with you,

Reticular Value Positioning

Your value matters! Watch this free training on the importance of discovering what you’re worth and getting in front of the people who will pull out their wallets and buy what you have to offer.

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