Discover Your RVP and Publish A Profit Priming Micro-Book

The blueprint for dominating your market, growing an audience, differentiating your brand, and building a high-ticket business system as a published author.

What Is RVP?

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What Is RVP Lab?

RVP Lab is a 12-week accelerator program and community of entrepreneurs becoming prolific writers and self publishers.

We have three levels of service.

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Done For You

This is our highest value of service. We do all the heavy lifting for you, with extra hands-on private coaching and publishing consulting.

You’ll get…

  • Written for you Micro-Book with our “Tellus Ghostwriter” services
  • Formatted manuscript in all file types
  • Cover designed for you
  • Amazon KDP and CreateSpace services 
  • RVP Lab Framework
  • Lifetime access to the RVP Lab community
  • Lifetime access to weekly live coaching calls where we tackle ongoing RVP challenges with you
  • Unlimited Acceleration Calls
    (During the duration of the “Tellus Ghostwriter” agreement)

View our “Tellus Ghostwriter” Agreement Here.


Done With You

This is our most popular level of the program, where we’ll hold your hand and do it with you over the course of 12 weeks.

You’ll get…

  • RVP Lab Framework
  • Lifetime access to the RVP Lab community
  • Lifetime access to weekly live coaching calls where we tackle your challenges with you
  • Three Acceleration Calls (During the first 12 weeks)
Do It Yourself

This is a great path for self-starters who have the discipline to do it without ongoing coaching. If you have extra time and don’t need to get results as quickly, this might be a good level for you.

You’ll get… 

  • RVP Lab Framework
  • One Acceleration Call (During the first 12 weeks)

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is RVP?

Reticular Value Positioning is a content strategy that casts a wide net of value but directly targets a well-defined Dream Client at the same time.

RVP is your expertise, uniquely packaged and compellingly communicated with clear and effective writing that works like a client attraction magnet.

This marketing strategy captures the attention of an audience that eventually makes the decision to invest in the next level of business with your brand.

What is a Micro-Book?
A Micro-Book is a short book between 100 and 150 pages in length, and it embodies your RVP and offer in a distilled format. It generates “buyer-readers” for your back end products, services or programs.

Our Micro-Book outline template is designed to engage your reader and warm them up to take action with you and enroll as a new client in your core programs and services.

What if I'm not a writer?

First of all, our goal is to help you completely reframe how you define writing. We believe you can fall in love with it!

But our book writing method is also unlike anything you’ve seen. It takes non-authors and gives them a powerful book that embodies their RVP and is meant to be written fast.

It involves a plug-and-play outline that is proven to give you a great manuscript. From there we coach you through the self-publishing process.

If you’re a DFY client, we are the ghostwriters of your book, through a very simple process that we have you follow in the 12-week program.

What is a Tellus Engagement Funnel?

A “Tellus Engagement Funnel” or “TEF” is the system that turns strangers into readers, and readers into high-ticket clients.

It acquires new customers with the sale of your Micro-Book and engages them through your back-end sales process to ascend them into your core and premium offers.

How is the program laid out?
This is a step-by-step, week-by-week program!

RVP Lab’s 12-week framework is laid out in a private members area with video, audio, and text-based training modules.

Each module ends with a checklist assessment to keep you on track. Once the assessment is complete the next module unlocks for you to dive into.

What happens after the 12 weeks?

Don’t forget the objective:

You’ll have a Micro-Book and a business system that works for you while you sleep.

The 12-week framework is a model to shoot for—one that you can easily do if you commit to an hour per day.

After 12 weeks, you’ll still have access to the RVP Lab community members’ area and all our training content (including all updated and future content).

Our weekly live calls will also continue for as long as you need support. This is a lifetime community we’re building here!

How does the coaching work?

We have two levels of coaching.

Weekly Support Calls and Individual Acceleration Calls.

Our support calls are two times a week on Mondays at 5:00 PM EST, and Wednesdays at 8:00 AM EST (these times help accommodate for the multiple time zones of our clients).

All calls are conducted over Zoom and replays are made available in our member’s area.

Do you provide ongoing services?
Of course! But eight out of ten times we find that most clients don’t have the foundation for ongoing marketing services. RVP Lab is all about giving you that foundation.

If after the program it makes sense to use those services we can definitely have a conversation.

We have offers just for clients like ongoing writing services, editing, and marketing consulting.

What is the cost?

RVP Lab starts at an investment of $1,000 and goes up from there depending on the level of service you choose. Pricing is subject to change.

Is there a trial?
Enrollment to the program is non-refundable (unless you purchased our one-time-offer in the Magnetic Micro-Books funnel for the exclusive DIY track)
Are there any hidden fees?
No! The cost of the program is all that you pay us directly.

However, there are other possible costs for software tools, third-party companies, and other services we may recommend. These aren’t paid directly to us, but in some cases, we make commissions as affiliates. See affiliate disclaimer below.

It’s also important to note that there will always be other costs involved in working on your business. Graphic design, video production, photography, and other similar services are important to consider when embarking on growing your business with marketing. We cover how to do some of this in the program, and can make recommendations for companies we partner with, but RVP Lab does not include these services.

Software Tools And Affiliate Disclaimer

Depending on your budget we will recommend a variety of marketing tools and software services that have ongoing costs to you (website hosting, email marketing software, program delivery software, etc.). These tools are typical costs of doing online business. We are affiliates and receive commissions for some of these tools.