The One Mind-Shift You Need To Earn 5 Figures Per Month

By Nate Fancher
December 4, 2020

In the next 4 minutes you’re going to learn how to 3x if not 10x your revenue with one simple tweak. I realize that’s a big claim, but if it worked for me it will work for you.

But first a sad story to set the stage…

I’ll never forget the time my wife was in tears after I erupted on my children in a moment of sheer panic.

I’m normally a pretty chill guy, but right then I had cracked, raising my voice and losing it.

On the outside I had a business that was working. It pulled in cash each month, and clients were pleased with what I did for them.

But I was faking it until I made it…

On paper things looked possible, but I was managing everything the wrong way.

On the inside I was quietly breaking down.

I was considering filing for bankruptcy, unable to pull my head out of the worry of not being able to pay our rent, and being behind on bills to the tune of just over $50,000.

How The Shift Happened For Me

Fast forward to today and my business makes more each month than it made in the first year when I started it. With less stress than ever.

So let me save you years of misery – where double-mindedness, indecision, thousands of dollars in debt, and running myself into the ground almost ruined my family.

First of all…

❌ I didn’t go to business school.
❌ I didn’t have any startup savings.
❌ I often ignored sound advice.

All of this was pretty much a perfect recipe for disaster…

And yes…. it basically became a disaster. I literally tried it all…

I thought I needed more social media followers.
I thought I needed a podcast.
I thought I needed to create an online course.

All of these things I got very good at doing by the way – but I only had a few thousand dollars to show for in my business.

I read book after book on business and leadership…

I often wondered if it was because my focus was split from working another full-time job, while just “dabbling” in my business.

So I did what every sane person would never do:

I took the leap to go full time.

Face palm.

And then I did what most people think they should do after they do that:

I formed an LLC, got a CPA and even hired an assistant. I thought I had arrived!

Face palm again.

But I still struggled… Money was finally coming in, but things seemed to get more complicated. Stress was increasing; quality of life decreasing.

Was this worth it?

But then a mentor helped me, and I finally had a transformational lightbulb moment…

He told me these words:


“You woefully and painfully lack CLARITY.”

  • You don’t need more social media followers.
  • You don’t need to offer more services.
  • You don’t need to create more products.
  • You don’t need a “big break”.
  • You don’t need a “trip-wire” product.
  • You don’t even really need a traditional business plan…

“No…. You simply need CLARITY”

And then he asked the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION that I could NEVER seem to answer in all my silly little business ventures…

“Nate….WHO are you serving, and WHAT specific result are you delivering to them?”

Can you believe I never asked that?

Getting Clarity

It wasn’t overnight, but this one lightbulb moment began to turn it all around for me… CLARITY in the WHO and the WHAT has drastically turned it around for me.

The reason I got into business in the first place was never to grow some impressive company…

I just wanted to have more impact in my family and in the world…

But I only ended up experiencing the opposite – I didn’t have the right things in order. If you’re like I was, I needed someone to say these things to me.

SO here I am – saying it to you now:

You need this fixed.

✅ Get clarity.
✅ Answer the WHO and the WHAT.

Making this shift was the first step to me 10x-ing my income in my company Tellus Media.

This change will cause you to FOCUS and to charge what you’re worth.

It may sound harsh, but if you don’t get this right you won’t have cash on hand, and as a result your impact will diminish, and your family will suffer.

You might have some ideas on your next steps just from reading this post already…

…But if you need a little more help, watch this short video that I put together for you.

It goes into more detail on what we call the RVP Method and what you need to do RIGHT NOW to get this problem solved.

If you’re ready to go for it dive in at the link below.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Growing with you,

Reticular Value Positioning

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