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Writing a book will never be any easier than this! With our premium ghostwriting services, you can finally share your ideas with the world and build the audience you deserve!

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Capture Your
Authentic Voice

Our number one focus is capturing and presenting your unique voice and all your valuable knowledge.


Our process is easy peasy! If you can speak, we can absolutely help you write a fantastic book!


Can you imagine having your very own book in as little as 30 days? It’s not only a dream, it’s a reality.

Engage And Grow
Your Audience

Use your engaging new book to entertain and inform your fans, and further grow your audience!

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Learn About Our Process

Getting Started!

Phase 1: Brainstorming the “Big Idea”

Phase 2: Research and Interviews

Phase 3: Outlining and Manuscript Preparation

Phase 4: Manuscript Development

Phase 5: Writing, Editing, and First Revisions

Phase 6: 1st Manuscript Delivered and the “Sit With It” Phase

Phase 7: Final Revisions, Edits, and Manuscript Delivered

Phase 8:

  • Cover Design
  • Book Formatting
  • ISBN Registration
  • Print Consulting

Phase 9:

File Types:

  • .docx (Raw Manuscript)
  • .mobi (Kindle)
  • .epub (iBooks—Apple)
  • .pdf (print and other platforms)

What People Are Saying…

Melissa B.

Nate is amazing! And what a great perspective he has! Very understanding of his customers needs, and listens very well! Nate is a great person to have on the team and helping with your businesses! Good job Nate!! 🙂

Steve R.

Working with Nate has not only been productive for my businesses, but has been educational for me personally and he’s quickly become a trusted advisor to me in my overall online strategy. I would gladly recommend Nate and his company, Tellus Media to anyone needing help in growing their online presence.

Karen C.

Nate was fantastic at helping me update my website. I am basically computer illiterate and Nate was so patient as we went back and forth about what I wanted to do with the site. I highly recommend him as a great person to work with!! Thanks, Nate.

Tellus Media is a marketing consultancy, helping small business leaders generate predictable revenue with Magnetic Micro-Books.

-Nate Fancher

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